Change your business with QR Code usage.

QR codes are the easiest way to send your prospects to different offers and landing pages of your business website.

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QR codes can take you ahead of competition in your business.

Get the first movers advantage. Before the whole world floods with their QR codes. Take the first step and remember, early bird catches the most.

QR codes can be interactive with your customers and visitors

Engage your visitors and customers, both online and offline. QR codes are the bridge between Offline and Online world.

Wide variety of types of QR codes and their customization will amaze.

Sky is the limit with QR codes. There is no end to the types of codes you can generate. Both Static and Dynamic Qr codes will help you.

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Rajesh Ram

"I was always shying away from technology. I worried about the steep learning curves. I never gave a thought to out source it to experts in the field. But with Digital Cosmos it is so easy"

CEO, Jyoti Restaurant

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Cristal Vergil

“QR codes! I never thought that they are relevant to my small business. Once, I saw the advantages as shown by Digital Cosmos, no looking back. Life has become so easy & profitable

CEO, Fitness frames

Mohan Garg

“Being in the traditional printing for decades, then coming to DTP, I never thought I have got any thing to do with QR codes. But now both printing media and Digital Media are useful for QR

CEO, Printers Paradise


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Fine tune the information you can give to customer / visitor to take a decision.

At every step of a buying cycle, a prospect would be needing information very contextually. Provide it both offline and online with QR codes.

Arrange the QR codes, strategically, to get the best output.

A well thought over strategy to implement QR codes, will take you a long way. This will guide the visitor in a smooth path to the CTA.

Show the roadmap with QR codes, to the visitor, so that he can buy from you.

Most of the times, the buyer, doesn't know, how to take a decision to buy. A nice road map will help him to buy from you in fastest time. QR codes will help.

Our Features

We provide both Static(though we do not advise) and Dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes may come at a less price, but are a curse to your business and to environment. Dynamic QR codes are the ultimate solution. Contact us for more information. +917760636363

Our experts will train you and guide you throughout the process.

Just relax, while we implement the best QR code strategy for your business. We train you in every thing that is needed to know. Our experts are committed to make you feel comfortable with QR world.

Don't stop being a client for QR codes, We are inviting offline partners.

We are coming up with a ground breaking business formula, that may change the way we advertise and work together. Every inch of your office space, your printing material, digital space will yield money for you.

We believe in synergy. Let us stop duplication of things and reduce the wastage both physical and digital. It can happen only with high levels of trust and integrity. From our side, having preached, we are committed more than 100% both in words and spirit.

Digital Cosmos  Technology As It Happens

Yes, we are committed to bring Technology from R&D to your home.

Gone were the days, you were to wait a decade or so, to get the advantage of any latest developments. We being at the front end, it is no more the same. You get the tools from the hot beds of R&D Labs from all over the world, even before they are launched publicly.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships, we believe in. We hate redundancy.

QR codes are not only fro Corporates and business tycoons.

Every smartphone either has a built in QR scanner or can get a FREE app from both Android and iOS platforms. You do not need those hi fi Scanners any more.


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